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Snuggage. Yes, a funny name, but you can tell exactly what it does!

We understand the frustration you feel when you are set to pick up your suitcase at the baggage claim and all the suitcases look so similar! Is that one yours? Or maybe the next one?

Snuggage totally encompasses, hugs and protects your suitcase! It is a brightly coloured, stretchy Polyester/Lycra fabric cover that can be spotted from across the terminal!

We have brought fun to your vacation before you even start to travel! With Snuggage on your suitcase, you will find it and be on your way in record time!

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Fits Over Any Size

Snuggage Design Features - Fits Over any Size

Stand Out

The Perfect Stretch

Snuggage Design Features - The Perfect Stretch

Wheels? No Problem

Snuggage Design Features - Wheels? No Problem

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Also Available on Amazon.ca under “Snuggage Luggage Covers” 

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